The staff of our team consists of young, energetic and ambitious professionals, united in their love for sea, travelling, distant horizons, adventures and new friends.

The skippers
, whose service you can rely on, in case you trust us for your vacation on a chartered yacht in Greece; have long years of impressive experience in Bulgarian waters, as well as foreign ones. Yachting for them is a hobby to which they have been devoted since their student years. Any of them, however, practices a worthy profession, and owes a remarkable erudition. Among the members of our team we are proud to have serious persons to whom you can depend on – university lecturers, lawyers with proven reputation, engineers, economists, IT specialists, business managers, etc. Their yachting skills are tested in multiple cruises with various passengers, also in training of beginners in sailing, in boat deliveries from any spot on Earth, as well as maintaining of all the necessary paperwork in relation. They are well spoken of in the Bulgarian yacht society and are proud of the respect they have deserved in it. If you are a skipper, and would like to join our project, ready to invest your time and efforts, kindly provide your application here.

The mission
that unites us is our common wish to make sailing, yachts and sailing vacations a better known activity to the Bulgarian public. It is beyond doubt that this subject, alas, is one of poor popularity in our country. It is a hard task for a person, tempted by the idea of such out-of-standard- vacation, to orient among the alternatives in the process of its organization, and to make a wise, informed decision. Our goal is to change this situation, to fill the blanks of information, and with the help of the experience we have obtained, to show that a vacation on a chartered yacht deserves to be a more popular way of spending your summer leave. Trying to accomplish this mission, we do our best to present to the Dear Customer up-to-date, precise, and comprehensible information related to yacht charter, organization of such type of vacation, and to the necessary conditions for conducting it with no problem. This is the right moment to emphasize that we have no aim of proclaiming one or another yacht charter company, or any specific destination. All we try to do is to let you be as best informed as possible thanks to our useful experience, and to cooperate with you as best as possible to find out a non-conventional point of view that will most probably enrich you the way it has enriched us already. Our message is oriented towards everybody, but especially towards these of you that up to now have imagined the sea vacation as contemplation of the sea from the shore. With our support you would find out that there is another alternative – contemplation of the shores from the sea on the board of a yacht, sailing in the open sea. And this alternative is accessible, reasonable, and… different. And last, but not least – WITH US IT IS CLOSER TO YOU! We truly hope we are of a good service to you!

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