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Please, take these GTCU into consideration before using the internet site (hereinafter referred to as ‘’the Site’’). By loading this internet page, you declare you comprehend these general terms, agree to be bound by their stipulations, and you undertake the obligation to follow these strictly. In case you do not agree with any of the statements mentioned below, please discontinue the use of the Site. Any and all disputes arising out of and/or related to these GTCU shall be settled by the courts in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1. Terms and expressions and their meaning in accordance with these GTCU:

In these GTCU the following terms and expressions shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Article 1, unless the context otherwise requires:
- User – any physical person that by any means uses any and all of the resources provided by the Site, whereas he/she comprehends and hereby agrees that no resource is intended to be used for whatever commercial or professionally oriented activity.
- Offer(s) – exemplary proposals, addressed to any potential partners of ours, and/or to our users, which offers are subject to detailed specification, and therefore these shall not be treated as a commercial offer whatsoever.
- Promotions – special offers, valid for certain periods that ensure the possibility in case of fulfilling definite conditions to provide to our users preferential treatment by our partners.
- Partners – legal entities, engaged in the tourist, charter and/or other forms of entertainment business, with which ‘’’’ team has entered into contract relations during previous cruises, and therefore got convinced in their loyalty and professional attitude.
- Skippers – members of the ‘’’’ team who possess sailing certificates for vessels up to 20 (twenty) register tons; and who, in case of engaging their services, enter into a mandate contract with every individual customer.
- Request – expression of will by a user, that he/she is interested in our offers, and would like to proceed to further engagement of our services.

2. Copyright Disclaimer

Any and all materials, published on the Site, are owned by their authors, and therefore all rights are reserved. Any and all unauthorized copying, distribution or whatsoever unregulated use of any element of the Site is expressly prohibited, shall be considered a violation of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act, and shall be prosecuted and/or punished in accordance to the applicable civil or criminal laws.

3. Protection of information and personal data

The ‘’’’ team has no administrator rights in accordance with the stipulations of the Protection of Personal Data Act, but however shall be obliged to ensure the protection of confidentiality in connection to any and all data provided, in the form of requests, in emails, or in any other way whatsoever. The Site users agree by accepting these GTCU, that the statistical information about the frequency of attendance of the Site could be presented for marketing research use to current and/or potential advertisers, as well as used internal statistics and/or analysis, also for the purposes of the direct marketing.

4. Limitations of liability

A part of our mission is to provide to Site users’ timely, accurate and comprehensive information related to sailing and the possibilities of organizing a sailing vacation. However, force majeure circumstances may occur, which could hinder the team, or lead to a conflict of interests. Please, have in mind that this Site does not provide to users any kind of tourist service, and the activities proclaimed should not be considered commercial activity, or any other kind of profit oriented business. The team of this Site is neither tourist agent, tourist operator, nor any kind of broker or authorized representative of such agent and/or operator, does not provide tourist service in any form, stipulated in the Tourist Act and/or other legal act. Therefore, the team of the Site shall not be liable to users either in case of inability to take advantage of any offer, mentioned on the Site, nor in case of restraint of use of the Site itself – regardless whether the circumstances are objective or the access is being limited temporarily by the team of the Site. The information, published on the Site, may be accordingly modified and/or updated, depending on the actualization of the services offered by our partners. In case of a closed contract between a Site user and any of our partners, the parties are fully liable to the contract terms and conditions, and/or for any damages caused, and the Site team shall not be duly bound by such agreement. The Site team shall not be responsible for the completeness and/or accuracy of the information – either published on the Site, or related to any information that any other internet site, to which the Site links, consists – for advertising or any other purpose. In case of deliberate targeting of the Site (hacker or other) by third mala fide parties, any consequences that should arise do not undertake the responsibility of the team of the Site.

5. Amends

The team of this Site keeps the right to amend accordingly any part of these GTCU whether any objective change of terms and/or conditions related to the Site occurs. The team of this Site shall duly publish as soon as possible the new GTCU on the site, with the amends updated, and to announce the publication expressly in the Site, so the current and future users to be able to get acquainted with them in a way as convenient as possible. The users shall be considered duly informed for the amends since the moment of publishing of the amend notice expressly published on the site. From that moment on the agreement and understanding presumption, described in details in the Preamble of these GTCU shall come into force towards the new/amended GTCU.