Depending on whether you prefer to charter a sailing yacht in Greece for a week or for two, we offer to your attention the following sample itineraries, on which you will be able to feel the incredible freedom of the yacht sailing, and the rich variety of the Greek islands.



The Cyclades vacation provides you with the opportunity to get acquainted with the magnificence of ancient Greece, as well as with the beauty of the typical architectural style of the Cyclades. The itinerary is comparatively easy, allows shorter sailing periods during the day, so more time is left for swimming, walks, sightseeing and degustation of the local sea delicacies and the Ouzo, emblematic for Greece itself. Cyclades vacation is a sailing vacation that you will surely wish to experience again and again!

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The Junior vacation is designed for these of you who have never tried yacht sailing before, but wish to experience this unforgettable adventure.
It is suitable for different kinds of yachts, and with an experienced skipper you will keep this sailing vacation long in your memories. The itinerary period is one week, but in it some of the most beautiful places of the Saronic Gulf are included - Hydra and Poros. We have done our best to make the sailing easy, with short transitions (usually 4 to 5 hours daily), with various places that are fit for attending by yacht – ancient historical landmarks, typical Greek settlements, modern resorts, virgin bays, etc. Meet Greece, ancient and young, through the prism of the Saronic Gulf!

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The Mega vacation is designed for those who know what they want. In this itinerary a complete tour around the Cyclades is included. The Cyclades are a charming group of 41 small islands that provoke the admiration of anyone who visits them. With the authenticity of the Greek ancient civilization and the beautiful sunny beaches, they will impress anybody who wishes to see these and get familiar to them. Mykonos is world-famous by its wild nightlife and the traditional wind mills and Santorini is renowned by its authentic natural beauty and the typical architecture style. Don’t forget to visit also Tinos, the centre of the orthodox religion…

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  *Any of these itineraries is exemplary and is a subject to change in respect to your wishes and requirements. It is necessary to notice, however, that the sailing depends extremely on the weather, and in case of unfavorable weather conditions the itinerary that has been approved in advance, is due to changes. All this is performed by the captain, with your consent, should the circumstances allow it, and exclusively in order to assure your own safety and, respectively, the safety of the yacht.