One week vacation in Greece on a sailing yacht 
Cyclades Islands


First day


The first contact with the beauty of the ancient Greek civilization. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Poseidon temple, we could, together, ask him for protection, good weather, and favorable wind. As a beginning of our adventure together, we offer an unforgettable spending of the night on anchor in the bay of Cape Sounion, followed by the awesome sunrise, which, no doubt, you will treasure in your memory.

Sunion, Temple f Poseidon, Sunrise



Second day


The sun, the sand beaches and the crystal clear water offer great conditions for relaxation, swimming, as well as the opportunity to get some nice tanning. The bays ensure a good shelter in a lovely environment. In the narrow sinuous streets you can discover the beauty of the typical Cyclades architecture.


Third day


Serifos is most famous by its town of Livadi. There you can obtain any provisions you might need during the sailing. The town is also good for night life, with its taverns and local bars. Here you can spend a memorable evening with the local sea delicacies and, naturally, the Ouzo – emblematic for Greece itself.


Fourth day


A lovely and charming place, where you can enjoy the medieval settlement of Castro.



We suggest for you to enjoy a virtual cruise by means of the window in the right. Below you can see some more pictures from the itinerary..

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Fifth day


According to a legend, once upon a time the island was inhabited by the sea nymphs. The gods envied the beauty of its land, and sent a lion to ravage it. The nymphs left the island, and that is why it was mowed by drought. Apart from the remains of the ancient cities, even today it can be seen, carved in a rock, the sculpture of the legendary lion. The island is the birthplace of of Simonides of Ceos, an ancient Greek lyric poet, also of Bacchides .


Sixth day


The small town around the marina impresses with its cozy atmosphere. The only remaining pillar recalls the glory of the magnificent temple of Apollo that once stood on the cape of the island. The town offers a variety of taverns, as well as a wonderful opportunity of purchasing souvenirs and food supplies.


Seventh day


Returning to Alimos marina. A chance to go sightseeing around the city. Spending the night on the board of the yacht. Debarkation of the yacht not later than 09:00 on Saturday morning.


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 *Any of these itineraries is exemplary and is a subject to change in respect to your wishes and requirements. It is necessary to notice, however, that the sailing depends extremely on the weather, and in case of unfavorable weather conditions the itinerary that has been approved in advance, is due to changes. All this is performed by the captain, with your consent, should the circumstances allow it, and exclusively in order to assure your own safety and, respectively, the safety of the yacht.