One week vacation in Greece on a sailing yacht – Junior

This vacation is designed for these of you who have never tried yacht sailing before, but wish to charter a skippered boat and experience this unforgettable adventure.


First day


The first contact with the beauty of the ancient Greek civilization. Here you will get the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Poseidon temple, we could, together, ask him for protection, good weather, and favorable wind. As a beginning of our adventure together, we offer an unforgettable spending of the night on anchor in the bay of Cape Sounion, followed by the awesome sunrise, which, no doubt, you will treasure in your memory.

Sunion, Temple f Poseidon, Sunrise
Poros, view from sea Poros, narrow street

Second day


The small town on the volcanic island Poros is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of the hill. Archeological excavations prove that the island has been settled since the Bronze Age. In the narrow sinuous streets you can discover the beauty of the typical Cyclades architecture, a variety of small shops, taverns and cafes, also to see the famous clock tower on the Hill which reveals an amazing view of the bay.

Third day


The island of Hydra, known also as the island of the artists, is a charming place that you can in no way forget. The town, bearing the same name, is a cultural site protected by UNESCO, because of its incredible architecture. The fact that on this island motor transport is prohibited makes it a unique place for walks and relaxation.

 Hydra, panoramic view from sea
Perdika, view from sea Perdika, taverns

Fourth day


The bay is a quite appealing place. Be sure to go there early, so to have enough time to walk around the settlement and to drink a cool beer on the coastline. A variety of taverns and fish restaurants are situated along the beach. Here you can spend a memorable evening with the local sea delicacies and, naturally, the Ouzo – emblematic for Greece itself.


We suggest for you to enjoy a virtual cruise by means of the window in the right. Below you can see some more pictures from the itinerary. .

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 Greece, sailing vacation  Greece, sailing yachts
 Poros, Greece  Moonrise in Greece
 Perdika, street  Hydra, view from top


Fifth day


It is supposed that there is the birthplace of Apollo’s son – the healer god Asclepius. Epidaurus is famous also with its sanctuary, situated about 8km from the town, and with its theater – the best preserved ancient theater in Greece. The lovely town offers unique conditions for a really relaxing vacation.

Epidauros view Ancient teather in Epidauros
Aegina, Greece Aegina, column from ancient temple

Sixth day


The small town around the marina impresses with its cozy atmosphere. The only remaining pillar recalls the glory of the magnificent temple of Apollo that once stood on the cape of the island. The town offers a variety of taverns, as well as a wonderful opportunity of purchasing souvenirs and food supplies.

Seventh day


Returning to Alimos marina. A chance to go sightseeing around the city. Spending the night on the board of the yacht. Debarkation of the yacht not later than 09:00 on Saturday morning.

Athens, Greece Athens, greece


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 *Any of these itineraries is exemplary and is a subject to change in respect to your wishes and requirements. It is necessary to notice, however, that the sailing depends extremely on the weather, and in case of unfavorable weather conditions the itinerary that has been approved in advance, is due to changes. All this is performed by the captain, with your consent, should the circumstances allow it, and exclusively in order to assure your own safety and, respectively, the safety of the yacht.