Two week vacation in Greece on a sailing yacht!

“MEGA” Itinerary-for those who know what they want!


First day


According to a legend, once upon a time the island was inhabited by the sea nymphs. The gods envied the beauty of its land, and sent a lion to ravage it. The nymphs left the island, and that is why it was mowed by drought. Apart from the remains of the ancient cities, even today it can be seen, carved in a rock, the sculpture of the legendary lion. The island is the birthplace of of Simonides of Ceos, an ancient Greek lyric poet, also of Bacchides .


Second day


The capital of Syros - Hermoupolis , is a town full of spirit and inspiring views. The classical houses and the ancient buildings form a cascade, descending towards the marina. The settlement deserves its nickname “The queen of the Cyclades”, and it is protected by UNESCO.


Third day


Tinos is the most sacred island of the Greek orthodox religion. There is situated the famous Virgin Mary church, built in 1823, on the spot where the miraculous icon of Holy Mary, Mother of God, was found. Every year, on the 15th of August, thousands of pilgrims come to visit this holy place. There is a monastery in the mountain, built in X or XI century. Over the whole island you can find the amazing, hand-made traditional pigeon-houses – these are real works of art.




Fourth and fifth day


This island needs no introduction – it is famous worldwide. Mykonos will surely enchant you with its emblematic windmills and the old houses in Little Venice, in which foundations the sea waves are splashing. Your breath will be taken by the contrast between the endless, cosmopolite night life, the variety of celebrities and luxury stores, and the calming tranquility of the golden sea beaches, enlightened by the warm sun.


Sixth day


The largest and by far the most fertile of the Cyclades islands. It is believed to be under the protection of god Dionysus, and it is a wide spread story that he has found love exactly here. Naxos has been the centre of the Cyclades civilizations, and one of the most famous landmarks is situated near the capital marine, Hora - the temple entrance landmark or the "Portara”, dated VI century B.C.



Seventh day


Don’t miss visiting Parikia village – a hub of activity, offering hospitality for thousands of tourists during the summer, so the facilities here are quite well developed. The local red wine is considered one of the finest in Greece. So, don’t forget to take some for home, and why not also for the way back.


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Eighth day


The island is extremely popular and full of young lovers of sun and beach. Naturism is allowed here, so the beaches around the island are full of tourists with complete tanning.


Ninth and tenth day


It is speculated that on this place after a huge earthquake around 1500 year B.C. the lost continent of Atlantis has sunk into the sea. The breathtaking white city of Thira, that has become a living legend with the incredible style of architecture and the white-blue colors, is built on a steep rock of volcanic material, 150 to 300 m. high. Magnificent views towards the volcano, spectacular, fiery sunsets, authentic Greek style and modern luxury, traditional taverns, bars, discos, beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea water – all that is Santorini!


Eleventh day


A lovely and charming place, where you can enjoy the medieval settlement of Castro.


Twelfth day


Serifos is most famous by its town of Livadi. There you can obtain any provisions you might need during the sailing. The town is also good for night life, with its taverns and local bars. Here you can spend a memorable evening with the local sea delicacies and, naturally, the Ouzo – emblematic for Greece itself.


Thirteenth day


The sun, the sand beaches and the crystal clear water offer great conditions for relaxation, swimming, as well as the opportunity to get some nice tanning. The bays ensure a good shelter in a lovely environment. In the narrow sinuous streets you can discover the beauty of the typical Cyclades architecture.



Fourteenth day


Returning to Alimos marina. A chance to go sightseeing around the city. Spending the night on the board of the yacht. Debarkation of the yacht not later than 09:00 on Saturday morning.


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 *Any of these itineraries is exemplary and is a subject to change in respect to your wishes and requirements. It is necessary to notice, however, that the sailing depends extremely on the weather, and in case of unfavorable weather conditions the itinerary that has been approved in advance, is due to changes. All this is performed by the captain, with your consent, should the circumstances allow it, and exclusively in order to assure your own safety and, respectively, the safety of the yacht.