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"You will never see a more beautiful island than Poros" – this was how Vagelis, a good friend of ours from Greece, directed us to this lovely settlement. And, we should confess, concerning the Saronic Gulf, he has proved right. The amphitheatrically positioned small town on the hill of the island, just some hundreds of meters far from the mainland, is remarkable for its architecture. The clock tower is an emblematic symbol of Poros, built in 1927, and the view that reveals from it, takes the breath of the tourists. To take a walk in the narrow, steep streets, to visit the museum of archaeology, to buy some freshly caught fish or squids on the fish market – this is attractive for tourists all over the world. Its close location to Athens makes it really convenient for the tourists, who spend memorable nights in the taverns along the shore or on the board of a yacht. 

Something else – some of the most famous bays, in which a yacht could stop to spend the night, or for some sea-swimming, are situated, close by. The clear waters in the daytime and the sparkling stars in the night are a guarantee for good time, lots of photos and moments of fun, no matter what time of day or night.

We heartily recommend you to visit Poros, when you select an itinerary of your choice. Here are some of our itineraries, in which the island and the city are included:

"Junior" - 1 week



“The pearl of east Peloponnese”- that is how the town and the small island bearing the same name, are often named. Hydra, or Idra, the way it is usually pronounced in Greek, is a place, remarkable for its beauty, as well as for its historical importance. 

In the middle ages the island was inhabited by rich traders. Their fleet in the beginning of XIX century consisted of over 125 ships and boats and more than 10 000 sailors. The prominent admiral Andreas Vokos, nicknamed Miaoulis, who commanded Greek naval forces during the Greek War of Independence. 

The traders, living a peaceful and prosperous life, have built houses with a characteristic style. Their unique architecture is the reason of UNESCO to include the city in its World Heritage List. Automobiles are forbidden on the island of Hydra, and the transportation is either by foot or by mules. The mule riders that go past each other almost miraculously, trotting along the steep and narrow streets, covered with cobblestone, usually driving some more beasts behind him. There is not one spring of water on the mainland– the inhabitants obtain water to drink either from Poros, or from the continent, and it has been this way some hundreds of years.

If you sail a yacht around East Peloponnese, Saronic Gulf, or the Gulf of Argolis, Hydra is a place you should not miss. But, please, take care – the marina is a small one, and usually crowded, thanks to the great interest towards the place. Sailing in and out could be extremely hard a task for a non-experienced skipper, who is not acquainted with the area. Or, if you decide to trust to our selection of itineraries, here are some, in which Idra is included:

"Junior" - 1 week


It hardly needs introduction. The most beautiful Greek island, one of the southern Cyclades, has attracted tourists from all around the world for many years. The blue domes, the tall white city, and the hills on the island across – the breath of many has stopped in front of such views. Of course, the photos can’t compare to the real beauty of this phenomenal place. And if maybe not everybody wishes to visit Santorini, surely every single person of the ones who have done so craves to come back again one day.

It is speculated that after a disastrous earthquake, the mysterious ancient continent of Atlantis sunk on that very place around 1500 B.C. What has this legend to do with the reason for the amazing white city of Thira to become a living legend with its incredible architecture style and the white-blue colors, is a mystery itself. It is a fact that the houses built on the edge of a steep 300m cliff, create one of the most beautiful scenery not only in Greece, but in the whole Mediterranean. Magnificent views towards the volcano, spectacular, fiery sunsets, authentic Greek style and modern luxury, traditional taverns, bars, discos, beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea water – all that is Santorini!

If you have sailed around the Cyclades, and have not visited Santorini, then you have one more reason to return in these waters. If you decide to sail in the southern part of the archipelago on an itinerary of your own choice, by no means miss this unique place. The marina is far from the shore, but this should not prevent you from enjoying one of the most beautiful views in your life. And if you select an itinerary of ours, here is where Santorini is included:

Mega - 2 weeks




Mykonos will surely enchant you with its emblematic windmills and the old houses in Little Venice, in which foundations the sea waves are splashing. Your breath will be taken by the contrast between the endless, cosmopolite night life, the variety of celebrities and luxury stores, and the calming tranquility of the golden sea beaches, enlightened by the warm sun.

The night life in Mykonos is one of the most intensive in whole Europe. This island attracts young people, who seek fun and party time, like a magnet. Often world-famous DJ’s present their sets in some of the various clubs in the town. The beaches are just another thing worth seeing on this Greek island. There are few places on which so golden sands, so clear water, and so beautiful young people could be seen in one place.

Travelling the Cyclades on a chartered sailing yacht is one of the cheapest ways to visit Mykonos. The hotels and accommodations there offer quite costly prices, especially in the peak of the season, so spending the night on a yacht is a wonderful alternative. It often happens for tourists to charter a yacht just to transport them to Mykonos, also it is not correct to say ‘spending the night on the yacht’, since usually they return in the early morning…

You make the visit of Mykonos a must, at least for two days, if you are sailing in this region. But it is advisable to inform about the location of the marinas, prices, etc. first. Otherwise it could be a bad surprise for a skipper with no experience in these waters. And if you have chosen to trust us and to select one of our itineraries, Mykonos takes a central place in these ones: 

Mega - 2 weeks



I have a dream, a song to sing.
To help me cope with anything.

Most probably, reading the two verses, remembering the song of Abba, as well as the first cadre of “Mamma mia”, with the yacht, sailing in the deep sea, most of you have guessed rightly that this is the island on which the film is shot. Despite the rumors that the Swedish pop band refused approximately a milliard dollar to reunite, this Hollywood mega production surely has brought to them large sums extra. However, they were not the only ones hugely advertised – “Mamma mia” advertised the island as well in an unbelievable fashion. The shining beaches, lovely streets and magnificent scenery have caused many tourists all around the world to dream of visiting this place. Thousands of people wish to dance around the beach bars, to settle in one of the town houses, to travel around the island with a yacht, and to feel, at least for a moment, as if not like in Hollywood, at least like in a fairy tale world. And any of them desires to stand at the end of the beach, in the foot of the small church, standing on the hill, and to start singing::

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small

Regretfully, because of its far location from the other tourists’ objects of interest, Skopelos is impossible to be included in a standard itinerary. The sailing to there goes astray for 3-4 full days from the places that usually are visited during a sailing vacation. Of course, we could offer you an individual itinerary, and let you visit this fairy tale spot, so together with the ones you love to become a part of a dream of yours, that has come to life… at least for a while.


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 *Any of these itineraries is exemplary and is a subject to change in respect to your wishes and requirements. It is necessary to notice, however, that the sailing depends extremely on the weather, and in case of unfavorable weather conditions the itinerary that has been approved in advance, is due to changes. All this is performed by the captain, with your consent, should the circumstances allow it, and exclusively in order to assure your own safety and, respectively, the safety of the yacht.