In this section you can find our 2010 offers for a vacation on a sailing yacht in Greece

The yacht is rented from some of our partners – charter companies, with over 25 years of experience in sailboat chartering. Our partners in Greece have over 25 years of experience in sailboat charter. They have invested more than 10 million Euros buying over 40 vessels, and they fully own each of these. This guarantees to clients professional service, well-maintained yachts, correct attitude, 24 hours 7 days a week phone support provided. This is proved also by the opinion expressed by the numerous satisfied clients who have remained loyal through the years. Thanks to this site also, many of these are Bulgarians as well. With their ambition to improve the quality of their service and to broaden their client network, our partners do their best for the development of this kind of vacation and for promoting it.


Here you can see our partners’ offers for 2010.



These are exemplary itineraries, which, our experience shows, Bulgarians love best. The landmarks we suggest for attending are interesting, and the yachts we have selected are with the best price-quality ratio.