Price configuration

Probably most of you, which have never sailed before, are worried that it would prove too expensive and they will not be able to afford it. One of our main goals is to convince you it is not really so. Often a one-week vacation on a chartered yacht in Greece could cost even less than 500 Euros per capita. The important thing is to know how the prices are configured what else we owe to the charter company, where the wiles are, what is included in the pre-offered price, and what is not. And, most important, to trust the company we sail with. So, let’s consider these issues in details.


Yacht charter price

The yacht charter is the greatest expense in the course of organizing such a sailing vacation. This is the price for renting the yacht, and usually it is given per week. Of course, the brand new luxury yachts are often offered with a daily price, but this is common only for considerable sums. And, as in most cases, the charter companies have discounts for longer periods of charter. Usually the discount amounts are 5 to 10% when the period is two weeks or longer. In most cases the charter price is due in advance – often 50% of it is payable when the contract is closed, and 50% around a month before the beginning of the sailing itself.


Security Deposit

 The security deposit is a certain amount of money that is left as a guarantee form before embarkation. This sum is refunded when the yacht is returned, but only if she is returned in the same condition in which it has been before chartering. This means that should there be any damage upon it of whatever character, the charter company or the sailboat owner is allowed to retain the whole sum or part of it, for repairing the costs related to the damage repair.

Please, pay attention: the previous experience and trust in the company from which you charter the yacht is of crucial importance. It is good to have previous experience with working together, or some recommendation from an acquaintance or a friend, who has such experience. It is not uncommon for clients to complain that the damage has been existent even before chartering the boat. This, of course, could be checked accordingly, but it is a time consuming procedure, that is why it is recommendable for a charterer to be aware what he is doing, and to have some experience.

The security deposit is obligatory for any charter of a yacht. The relevant legislation in European Union and in Greece in particular are really strict, and all vessels connected to tourism and transportation of humans are by all means insured, nevertheless the owners require a security deposit, with which they cover the smaller reconstructions costs, when they are caused by client’s cross negligence and/or willful neglect. The different companies use several types of security deposits. The best known are the fully refundable one and the non refundable one.

The fully refundable security deposit is a certain sum that is paid back up to 100% in case there is no damage caused to the sailboat.

The non refundable security deposit is a considerably smaller sum compared to the fully refundable security deposit. It is build in two parts – one is refunded fully or partially if there is no damages caused on the yacht, and the other one is retained by the chartered company in all cases.
In the yachts for charter we have given we have described in details the security deposits for each yacht, and in our promotions you leave no security deposit to the charter company!


Yacht cleaning fee

It is usually provided together with the security deposit at the time of embarkation. The different companies give different explanations for the reason why is it separated and not included in the charter price, but the truth is it is all about some marketing tricks and tax relief. .


Additional equipment fee

 In some cases the charter companies require some additional equipment fees, for equipment that is not a substantial part of the sailboat, but practically sailing without it is hard or impossible. As examples we can point out additional rent price for a dinghy, outboard for it, GPS navigation, sun-protecting shelter, etc.
In all boats, offered by our partners as well as in our promotions these accessories are included in the standard equipment and respectively in the charter price, so the passengers do not owe any additional fees whatsoever