The trip

Section The Trip is oriented mostly towards these among you who have never had yachting experience. Its main goal is to try and re-create the usual atmosphere of the sailing vacation – the skipper with his responsibilities and obligations, as well as his multicolored personality; A day sailing is especially for the persons that ask themselves questions like ‘What will I do during the trip? How will I feel on the boat? What kind of places will you visit, and will I have fun? Is there an option for swimming? What if I wish to learn to sail a yacht, or to dive? Is fishing legal in Greece?’ We’ve taken the challenge to try and describe our own feelings, as well as the typical daily routine and environment on a chartered yacht.

Maybe you have more inquiries – we have done our best to predict these, and to provide answers in Frequently asked questions (FAQ). There we have delivered as detailed explanations as possible, taken from our broad professional experience. If, however, you need additional information, we are always ready to offer you such as soon as possible – you just need to fill in the online form in the section. In our fan group in the social network Facebook people that have sailed with us already obtain the chance to state their opinion – honestly and openly. Also there you will find the hottest news about us, pictures from all the trips up to now, and you will be able to contact other sailboats' and sailing vacation fans.