Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What do we need to take along for our yacht sailing?

When you prepare your luggage, please, have in mind that it must be packed in soft bags and not in hard suitcases – there are situations in which the yacht heels, and there is the risk of falling or damaging. The clothes you would need are recommended to be various as well as comfortable – for warm or cold weather, at least one wind-prove jacket, at least one pair of trousers with long legs that does not get wet easily. The shoes must by all means be flat – no high heels or platforms for the ladies, and it is better if these affix well to the feet, and are not slippery. The sun protection creams and lotions, the insecticide repellents and the lip balm are also recommendable to be present in your luggage. Considering medicines, everyone has a ‘’typical content’’ of his or her medicine travel bag. But apart from these ‘’traditional’’ medicines, it is advisable to provide also some pills against seasickness, anti-allergy pills or crème, effective medicines against gastrointestinal disorders, plasters and crème against skin burns or infections.

2. Can I sail if I suffer from seasickness?

The seasickness, a.k.a. kinetosis (medical term), is a motion sensors conflict, because of which the organism reacts as if poisoned – nausea, vomiting, etc. No matter if you are aware you have such problem, or you find it out on the board of the yacht you have chartered already, there is no ground for worrying, this is nothing fatal. There are various medicines that successfully deal with seasickness – antihistamines, similar to anti allergic pills. There are also some special homeopathic medicines that provoke similar symptoms, but in small amount, so they have a curative effect. You can always assure two or more types of medicines, so to be able to use the ones that influence you most effectively, so you will have the same chance to feel the pleasure of your vacations and have fun in same extent as the other yacht passengers.

3. What are the climate conditions?

This is not the right place to discuss the typical Greek climate – subtropical, Mediterranean. We would rather like to point out that in open sea is always a bit cooler compared to land – because of the wind, because of the higher humidity of air… Also, it is quite possible that the weather conditions to change abruptly. You should be equally prepared either for warm, sunny and hot weather, or for sudden strong winds, or chills, also for evening in which the long-sleeve blouse is a must, no matter we are in Greece, and it is summer…

4. What facilities do the yachts have?

Depending on the year of production and the luxury level, on the board of a sailboat there can be different kinds of facilities – from plasma TV’s to saunas and Jacuzzis. In this case we are mentioning the typical yacht equipment –the one that any of you, who would charter a yacht from our partners, can rely on. Electric energy is provided by generators that have to be charged on every stopping in marinas. Fresh water for the bathrooms is kept in big reservoirs which can be refilled on every stopping as well, after paying a humble tax. The WC’s are usually two, located in the bathrooms, and there is direct access to them from two sleeping cabins. Berths are by two or by three in separate cabins. The kitchen is common and it is equipped with refrigerators, gas cooker, wash basin, cooking panel, cutlery and dishes for cooking and serving.

5. How is time distributed between open sea sailing and stay on the land?

The answer to this question depends mostly on the choice of itinerary, and especially the distance to the wanted destination from the marina in which the sailing starts. On second place it depends also on the climate conditions, and whether sailing away or getting into a marina is possible. Third but not least important is the necessity of supplying the consumables – electricity, water, etc – this can happen only by stopping into a marina. So, the conclusion is that should all circumstances be favorable, this time distribution depends on the passengers’ wish.


6. Is it possible to take small children along?

There is no legislative document which stipulates age limits in front of the potential passengers. From safety point of view no problem exists. But, from mutual convenience point of view, it is recommendable all passengers to be informed and this decision to be discussed. All participants in the vacation need to have in mind the possible inconveniences related to that and to be okay with these, especially if the age of the children is very small and predefines the specific needs they have.

7. Is the access of pets on the yacht allowed?

Usually such terms and conditions are being specified by the company that provides the charter, and the answer will depend on the adopted practice of the partners of ours. From other side, what we have mentioned concerning small children on the board, should fully apply here – the vacations is meant to be pleasant for all the passengers, so the preliminary agreement for such access is a must.