In a reputable thesaurus for the word ‘skipper’ the following description appears: ‘someone who is in charge of a small ship or fishing boat. The more formal word is captain’. What is the reality behind this prosy definition you are about to find out, thanks to this section.
The skippers are the ones that manage the sailing of the yacht, and respectively bear the whole responsibility – from the beginning of the trip, the moment the chartered yacht leaves the premises of Athens marina, till her fortunate returning back there. They are professionals, trained to take account of all circumstances in such a way, so to assure the safety of their own passengers, the vessel itself, as well as to the other crews and vessels in the sea. You can determine for yourself the reason why the skipper is so important a figure on the board of the yacht and what the customary saying that ‘’his word is law” means. Even a flawless rented yacht is not enough for a fantastic vacation and full relaxation during it – this must be entrusted to an experienced skipper who with his competence, confident behavior and professional attitude to turn your sailing vacation in a source of good memories and fun, and not in an ordeal for the passengers’ nerves.


The yacht navigation includes various activities – entering and leaving ports, navigation at ‘’open sea’’, providing adequate weather forecast for the exact region in Greece and estimating it accordingly, wisely choosing between sailing and motoring, observing and maintaining the measuring instruments, global positioning and conceptions for optimal variants of reaching from point A to point B; and a lot more. This is the right moment to mention that all this is too much effort for a single person – that is why it is recommendable the skipper to have the support of a co-skipper. This co-skipper could be a younger colleague who still polishes his skills, could be a fully capable captain. One thing is sure, however – last word goes to the skipper always, and his decisions must be competent, adequate and just in time.
Inevitably we face the question why is the accent put on the Bulgarian skippers, on condition that the yacht is being chartered in Greece, and is this really a preferable alternative. Here are some arguments in support of the Bulgarian skipper option. Bulgarian captains have experience that in no way is second to the Greek colleagues possess, and this has been proved not once. At this point, the price is a factor that is not to be left out of consideration. In case you put your trust on a Bulgarian skipper for your sailing vacation, you will receive same quality of service on a quite humbler price comparing to the financial conditions a Greek captain would offer you. The reason for that is not any objective difference between the skills or potential, but it is predefined by the different life standard in both countries.


There is no common rule what attitude should we observe towards the skipper of the yacht we have chartered – usually the situation hints its own solution. If you admire his company, and would like to develop your relations on a friendly basis and not only on customer-staff level, don’t hesitate to ask him whatever questions you may have in relation with yachts, Greece, sailing and sea in general. If you feel amity towards him, it’s okay to invite him on your table, share your meal with him, pour him a drink, and, we are quite sure, you will be pleasantly surprised how much this conversation  can enrich you, the conversation with a man of novelty personality who have chosen so exotic a career ‘’yacht captain’’. And so, this amity can easily develop from a pleasant experience during the vacation in a sustainable friendship.

Last but not least, the skipper’s toil is worthy and rewarding, yet extremely exhausting. You are not strictly obliged to provide him with anything else apart from the fee you have contracted, but it is a common practice to leave a tip, if you intend to demonstrate financially the content of the sailing and of the way has been conducted, and respectively, of the vacation you have spent. It should be done delicately, and if you don’t impair his self-respect or professional dignity, the present will be gratefully accepted. The acceptable amount varies between 5% and 20% of the yacht charter price.